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Nebraska City's only locally owned bank

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its architectural significance, Farmers Bank began life as a post office, becoming a local banking institution only after the U.S. Postal Service declared the Richardsonian-style building obsolete.  A community-driven preservation initiative kept the community landmark alive.  Retention of as much of the building's historic fabric was a key project goal, and the bank's extensive brass and wood fittings bespeak its postal legacy.  A  reconceptualized  division of space indicates the many functions of a contemporary banking institution:  Major operations are carried out on the first floor, while the second floor serves as a combination board and ballroom.






Farmers Bank Facts

Established in 1884, Farmers Bank is Nebraska City's only locally owned bank.

Tradition says that in 1932, the Farmers Bank was the largest state bank in Nebraska.

The Richardson-style building was constructed in 1886 as a post office.

A Federal Court Room occupied the second floor.

Farmers Bank purchased the building on February 14, 1986 and began extensive renovation soon after.

Farmers Bank moved into its new quarters on March 21, 1988.

Farmers Bank received the Presidential Award for Historic Preservation.

The original Post Office blue prints on linen are safely stored at the Farmers Bank as a valuable reminder of its past construction.

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